How Chefs Cook with Cannabis

How Chefs Cook with Cannabis

April 4, 2021

CBD and cannabis are controversial topics for millions around the world. Some are fully onboard with the use of CBD and cannabis while others are firmly against them. Then, some will argue that both are completely safe to use while others say the opposite. It’s always going to be a point of contention, especially when it comes to including these ingredients in meals and dishes. Chefs around the world, constantly want to include cannabis and cannabidiol because they believe it’ll enhance the taste. It’s understandable but is it safe to use CBD and cannabis, and how do chefs cook with these ingredients?

Understanding the Rewards and Risks of CBD and other Cannabis-Related Ingredients

CBD restaurants are popular, and these will pop up all over the world, however, that doesn’t mean to say their infusion foods are entirely without risk. CBD and cannabis continue to be a popular ingredient with professional chefs and at-home cooks too. And cannabis-infused chocolate brownies and cookies have always been a popular craze among many. Some use these things to ease their medical pains while others use them to get high. The reality is that cannabis-infused foods are likely to get you high or at least offer some of the effects that come from the illegal drug.

If you still want to use CBD or cannabis in your cooking, you need to know the rewards as well as the risks. Cannabis may likely offer the high effect since it contains THC. CBD may be less likely to do so since it isn’t supposed to contain anymore than 0.3% THC. However, depending on how the CBD is manufactured and who it’s sourced from, those levels might increase. That’s one of the biggest issues surrounding CBD products. Check here!

It’s Widely Condemned

Putting CBD to one side for the moment, cooking with cannabis remains quite risky. As said, you could feel the effects of cannabis in the foods you consume. This will depend on how much cannabis you use and how potent it really is. Even a small amount of the drug can impact the taste and your reaction greatly. In terms of CBD, that is slightly different. While CBD restaurants are popping up everywhere, that doesn’t mean to say you should be cooking with cannabidiol either. The FDA, for instance, hasn’t approved and doesn’t recommend the use of CBD in foods. While there are CBD gummies and other such things, they have gone through a different process.

Be Careful If You Won’t Heed Warnings

For those who are still determined to cook with cannabis and CBD, it’s a risk, nonetheless. You must be extra cautious – and careful – because you can still feel the effects of the drug. The trouble is that cannabidiol is widely unregulated and that means what you believe is safe CBD, it’s entirely the opposite. Instead of CBD containing 0.3% THC, it could contain twice as much or even ten times as much. That’s a potential risk and could have an adverse reaction to the THC content too.

Cooking with Cannabis and CBD

Regardless of how risky it may be, chefs will continue to cook with cannabis. Some use it genuinely to ease their chronic pains or manage their medical conditions, others don’t. Cannabis and CBD aren’t without risk, especially cannabis. If you want to use any of these in your cooking, you must be careful. Whether you’re preparing a meal for yourself or a group of people at your restaurant, you must be careful with cannabis or CBD-infused foods. You can know more at

Restaurant Guide to Healthier Eating

Restaurant Guide to Healthier Eating

November 17, 2020

The ease that restaurants have brought to the lives of many cannot be overemphasized. With restaurants, people can now eat without the stress of cooking first. This is indeed one of the greatest relieve in human history. Apart from food provisions, restaurants have also served as meeting areas for people to convene.

The downside to eating in restaurants is that people tend to overdo it most times. They look at a restaurant menu and immediately want to order whatever catches their eye. People do not want to know if the meal is healthy or not. All they want to do is fill up their stomach and bade the restaurant goodbye.

Well, it is not meant to be like that. We need to be very mindful of the food we take in. Even restaurant owners want the same thing for us. They want us to be healthy enough to patronize their franchise again. Hence, the need for a guide to eating healthy in restaurants. In this article, tips on how to eat healthily in restaurants are given.

Before heading out, make plans

This might sound like a cliché, but most people are guilty of not making plans. They just think of food, and the next thing they find themselves ordering food in a restaurant. It is not meant to be so.

Have an idea of what you would like to eat before heading out to the restaurant. Also, make sure to eat a light meal before visiting a restaurant. So, you don’t end up eating too much. Check here!

Be deliberate about your order

In going to the restaurant, be sure of what you would like to eat first. I am not trying to say you cannot be spontaneous about eating out. But, spontaneity can make you order less healthy meals in restaurants.

Make sure the food you intend to eat balances out the other parts of your meal. Pick a meal from lean proteins, low-fat foods, fruits, vegetables, and low carbs. Even though you are not a vegetarian, try ordering salads made from fresh veggies. You can order roasted beef, chicken, or pork. Seafood is still a good choice.

Ask questions

Ask questions whenever you are confused about the menu. The waiters are there not only to serve you but also to answer questions.

You can ask the waiter about the healthy menu. The waiter will in turn assist you in picking a healthy option from the menu. A free tip? Instead of ordering for fries, you can order for full veggie salads.

You can also ask that your meal should be prepared with less fat and oil ingredients. Protein foods should be more than fatty foods.

Order for healthy appetizers

Appetizers are a very important part of our meals. It prepares our appetite for the main dish. Therefore, a healthy appetizer is of importance.

In making choosing an appetizer, do well to choose one with fresh fruits, vegetables, and seafood. Appetizers in the aforementioned categories are very healthy and effectively buildup appetite.

However, look out for breaded and creamy appetizers and avoid them totally. The calories in those appetizers are too much and not healthy.


Healthy eating is one of the best ways to ensure healthy living. Applying the tips listed above will go a long way in ensuring that you eat healthy in restaurants. Make eating out intentional, because it is only then that you can be able to watch what you eat in restaurants. For more details, visit:

Can CBD oil help you quit smoking?

Can CBD oil help you quit smoking?

October 19, 2020

Before the inception of the COVID-19 pandemic, the world was already experiencing a pandemic. A pandemic that is smoking addiction. The numbers of smokers that have been recorded in the United States is something of concern. Over ten million Americans are smokers, and then, there are other millions that are suffering from smoking related more info about USA smokers by clicking here

People smoke for various reasons; some smoke for fun, some smoke to momentarily exit this world, while there are some that smoke because they are sad. No matter what the reason is, it soon becomes habitual, and that’s when the problem sets in. We all know that doing away with a long term habit can be quite difficult.

Rehab has been the usual help proffered method for dealing with addiction. But what if there is an alternative? A natural alternative? Researches have shown that CBD oil may be attributed with doing away with smoking habits. In this article, we aim at concisely explaining what CBD oil is and how it can help smokers quit smoking addition.

Can CBD oil help you quit smoking

What is CBD oil?

First of all, CBD is short for cannabidiol, which is one of the several compounds extracted from the cannabis or hemp plant. Therefore, CBD oil is a product that is derived from the active component, cannabidiol.

CBD is converted to oil form to improve the bioavailability of CBD in the body. After taking CBD, do not expect any high sensation as CBD is not the compound in cannabis that is responsible for more about CBD usage before COVID-19 trends at

The impact of CBD oil on smoking addiction

Serotonin, a chemical found in the body that is also called the “happy chemical” has a variety of functions. The function of serotonin that concerns this study is its responsibility for the feelings of happiness and well-being. So much so that, when substances like cannabis, cigarette, nicotine, hemp or tobacco are smoked, it triggers it.

Withdrawal from smoking reduce the level of serotonin and might lead to sadness, anxiety, insomnia, and depression. This is where CBD oil comes in.

CBD oil helps to boost the availability of serotonin by activating the brain’s 5-HT1A receptor. This boost helps in leveling the amount of serotonin in your body, thereby leading to better feelings than sadness and anxiety.

CBD has also been attributed with creating a calming sensation in the brain. This calming sensation can also help in reducing feelings of anxiety, and depression. Insomnia is also dealt with by the restive effect of CBD oil. CBD oil can also help with physical pains associated with smoking. Pains like headache are relieved by CBD oil.


In the war against smoking addiction, no one is alone. That is why various means are being found out to curb it. CBD oil is one of those ways and can help in tremendous ways if dosage is strictly adhered to. Remember that before using CBD oil to quit addiction; you would have to seek the counsel of a physician. The doctor is more likely to prescribe an effective CBD oil brand with the right strength and dosage.…

What trends can the drinks industry expect post-covid-19?

What trends can the drinks industry expect post-covid-19?

October 19, 2020

With the advent of the COVID-19 pandemic, the business world witnessed a lapse in the economic aspects of their business. This is owed largely to the safety conditions put in place by WHO and other government authorities.

Safety conditions like the lockdown and indoor guideline, and social distancing. All of which prevented people from going out for drinks or to the restaurants. We can even say the pandemic almost striped us of normalcy.

Now, in all of this, the drink industry weren’t left out. People now pay utmost attention to their health than anything and this has indeed affected the drink industry. But what happens after the pandemic? Will drink industry adapt or will they continue as they were pre-COVID-19?

It is only wise and natural that things change after the pandemic, to better safeguard consumers. In this article, certain trends that are expected in the drinks industry are given detailed but concise appraisal.

Home delivery of your best drinks

During the pandemic, all restaurants and pubs were locked down in the United States. This was like the foremost step put in place by the government to prevent the pandemic from more about home delivery services at

Later on, to ease the total lockdown, government allowed for home delivery. It was then that delivery services across the country picked up the mantle to restore some sort of normalcy.

It is not like delivery of drinks to our homes wasn’t a thing before. However, with the pandemic, the use of delivery services witnessed an upsurge. Even now that the lockdown has been eased to a bare minimum, people would still prefer home delivery to going to the restaurant or pub. The idea of social distancing supports that notion.

What trends can the drinks industry expect post-covid-19

So, in a bid for most drink industry to stay in business and among the competition; they would have to adopt home delivery as part of their services. Some would even go as far as offering free home delivery services just to stay ahead of the competition. And more do customers love than ease of access to goods and services?

Preference of quality over quantity

Before the pandemic, we were all a witness to the number of frequent visitors of pubs and restaurants. Well, the pandemic that away from everybody. During the pandemic, people that the money to enjoy some basic drink and food luxuries, enjoyed it to the fullest. They have now become accustomed to quality brands than brands of less quality.

Product safety and transparency would also come into play. Hence, after the pandemic, quality of drink products will become of high importance.

Less alcohol consumption and importance of health

There is a great probability that after the pandemic, alcohol intake and cigarette use would greatly reduce. This is because most people would want do anything in their power to stay healthy. So much so that, people would consume alcohol but with better judgment. click here to check how CBD Oil can help quieting smoking.

If alcohol consumers reduce, the breweries would suffer economically. Hence, there’s a need for most drink brands to diversify their products. Production of natural fruit drinks should be of importance in these trying times. Fruit juices would help in boosting our immune system and keeping us healthy.


Owners of Drink companies should never forget that to stay in completion is to follow certain trends. All the aforementioned are ideas that need to be looked into for the betterment of the drink industry.…

Can CBD support fertility?

Can CBD support fertility?

October 19, 2020

Most people go into the marriage institution with the intentions of starting a family. A family consisting of father, mother and children. But what happens in cases of infertility? Are there remedies for that asides other medical options like IVF or surrogacy? Well, there have been several controversies surrounding the use of CBD for fertility support but how much of it is true?

In this article, we aim at providing basic information about what CBD really is and how it affects pregnancy.

What is CBD?

CBD is the shortened form of cannabidiol. There are over 115 known cannabinoids found in the cannabis and hemp plant, and CBD is the second most prevalent cannabinoid. Cannabidiol is also one of the safest active components of the cannabis more about CBD at

Often times, some brands of CBD products may tend towards including THC, to improve CBD functionality. THC is the psychoactive compound contained in cannabis plant that is responsible for the high sensation. CBD intake does not influence human behavior in away.

THC is only harmful when taken in large quantity. That is why the FDA have directed that CBD products, contain nothing more than 0.3% THC.

CBD have also been found to be very impactful in the health industry. It has several tremendous effect on human health. It can be useful in treating; epilepsy, multiple sclerosis, cancer and its symptoms, Alzheimer, arthritis, heart conditions, chronic pain, migraine and a host of other diseases.

Can CBD support fertility

Is there a connection between CBD and fertility?

The truth is, most people usually turn to herbal sources for solutions to problem involving sex and fertility. It’s like a norm because people also believe that it is safer with less side effects, which is true in most cases. Hence, the questions surrounding the use of CBD against more about fertility by clicking here

The only evidence to proof the general therapeutic effects of CBD in the human body is anecdotal. There is hardly any scientific clinical study to proof the therapeutic effects of CBD. Hence, knowing if there’s a link between CBD and fertility is quite difficult.

However, marijuana has been found active against fertility, CBD effects still has no proof.

Is there any way CBD can support Fertility?

Although, there are no clinical backings to support the use of CBD for fertility, there are other ways in which CBD can help.

Stress, lack of sleep and age are factors that can affect fertility. CBD, however, caters for the first two by relieving users of stress and calming moods. CBD, does so by creating a calming sensation in the brain which in turn relaxes the user.


CBD may or may not be useful in supporting fertility. The lack of sufficient evidence and research of the claims are very few, hence, a sort of disbelief in its impact may arise. If sufficient research is done and enough proof is found, CBD can then be generally accepted. There is therefore a need for CBD to be further harnessed.

However, if you decide to try CBD, make sure to seek the counsel of a doctor or any other medical practitioner.…